romantic photograph
My style is what I call "romantic story-telling". I like to photograph the day as it unfolds from begining to end as unobtrusively as possible. Most of the time I can get the shots I need to tell your story by just being an observer and letting the camera document the events. Of course, there are times when I can intervene and times when I cannot, for example; during the ceremony or the first dance I will not interrupt the events. However, during the "bride getting ready" phase or the romantics of the bridal couple, I will make suggestions based on light and other things that catch my imagination. I always like to try and capture the romantic energy between the bridal couple as creatively and romantically as possible. Therefore, the more time you give me during this phase, the better your pictures will be. Of course, I always pose when it comes time for the "bread-and-butter" shots of the families.